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Produced by D. Cullen

Mixed by Chris Pepper

Additional Engineering by Conor McLoughlin

Mastered by Keith O'Reilly

Design by Sinead McConville


Written by D. Cullen


Vocals/12-String Acoustic Guitar/12-String Electric Guitar by D. Cullen

You don't need to be scared or brave

You don't need to do anything

You just need to be true

You just need to be you

You don't ever believe what I say

You don't ever believe the way

you are seen and you're viewed

You are better than you know

And you don't need to rush

You've got time and you must

Be kind to your soul



Written by D. Cullen/Vlado Nosal


Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/6 & 12-String Electric Guitars/Bass by D. Cullen

Backing Vocals/Wah-Wah Guitar/Percussion by Vlado Nosal

Drums by Elaine Cullen

I guess I'm a little uninspired, I think that it's getting stark
My brain is afraid that it needs to talk

I hope you can see me on a new day, after all the madness goes stark

I hope you can see me right before I cross

Since you've gone, it's all too much

everything's too cold to touch

It's about time I did something bold

So I'll just hide inside this cage

I won't grow up or act my age

Since you've gone, I've been a little uninspired


Written by D. Cullen/Ben Hewerdine


Vocals/Vocal Pad/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Piano/Bass by D. Cullen

Innocence came and went

right out the door, just like before

and I was only just seventeen

What would I do with all of these dreams


On the plains of Africa, the plains of Africa

I knew where I'd stand on this foreign land

Love at first sight was grand

nothing to lose, no play at hand

and it was heaven sent, the sentiment

but second sight seemed to kill the arrangement


On the plains of Africa, I knew where I'd stand

no one else in command, on this foreign land


Written by D. Cullen


Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Electric Piano by D. Cullen

Omnichord by Chris Pepper

Backing Vocals/Whistling by Sinead McConville

The story you speak, has never been told

you're perfectly brave, you beautiful soul

I look to your eyes, it never gets old

I look at your face, your beautiful soul

And we'll glide away (x3)



Written by D. Cullen/Boo Hewerdine


Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/Mellotron/Bass/Cajon by D. Cullen

When you're scared of your own shadow

there's not much you can do

but wait for all your dreams

to fade into the blue

When you're scared of your own shadow

you wait for the night

you move towards the darkness

let it chase away the light

When you're scared to lose and scared to choose

when it's for another day

life can slip away

Guess I'm scared of my own shadow

Such a lonely thing, it's true

but I wouldn't be half as scared

if my shadow was you


Written by D. Cullen/Elaine Cullen/Mark Guilfoyle/Barry McDonald/Conor O'Boyle


Vocals/Electric Guitar/Bass/Piano/Synth by D. Cullen

Drums by Elaine Cullen

I, I can't believe my eyes

they've lead me back here, the place that I despise


Your brain has left your heart attacked, I couldn't keep the pace intact

I swear I never want to let it go

When, you start to feel the need

it takes you over, until you start to breathe

I left my soul upon the shelf to put the pieces back myself

I swear this is the last time that you'll know

(Go, Go, Go, Go)

I left my soul upon the shelf and I'll put the pieces back myself

I think I've got a poison in my blood

The morning light begins to sting as everything comes back to me

I swear this is the last time that you'll know


Written by D. Cullen


Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Piano/Synths by D. Cullen

Backing Vocals by Sinead McConville

We've spent the day at each other's throats

We can't get on, no we can't keep afloat
and I get the feeling that she'd like to leave

that she hates me

And when I help I just make it all worse

under your breath you will mutter a curse

when that sets me off I succumb to the thought

that she hates me

You never listen, and I start to shout

I punch the walls, and you scream get out

I can't remember what we're fighting about

What are we fighting about?

What are we fighting about?


I'm so in love, and I hope you are too

but we were both born with a little screw loose

and until the day when we're more forgiving

I'll think she hates me

Maybe she hates me


Written by D. Cullen


Vocals/Acoustic Guitar by D. Cullen

Orchestration by George Moorey

Backing Vocals by Shane Young

Tiny, the little things that always bring you home

Tiny, a little glance, a touch a dance, no more

And I know that they say, leave something great, when all that you know has passed

but Tiny, Tiny will last

And everyone knows, that everything goes into distance

And everyone hopes to leave a little love left behind, to those in kind

Tiny, the little things, they always mean the most

and Tiny, through circumstance, a second chance is yours

When you've loved and you've lost, and know what it costs, open your hearts and see

that Tiny is everything to be


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